I Enlightening Digitization

Insite Aeroprotechnik service solution provides Telecommunications Asset tower owners the ability to Digitize and transform their business.

It combines Automated infrastructure inspection with data intelligence and reality modeling allowing the transformation of huge amounts of data into insights leading to strategic business decisions.

Automated Infrastructure Inspection


3D models into actionable insights

Reality Modeling

Robust asset-based data management

Data Intelligence

Data trends into real time business decisions


Use Cases & Key Benefits

Tower Sharing & OPEX Optimization

Maximizing Tower Assets Value ($)

Inventory & Easy Roll out

Key Features:

-Reality Modeling - Measure in cm level detail every single space available in your tower for new Tenants.

-Condition assessment via Insight cloud Platform capabilities

-Plan and design new tenants installation using Insight cloud Platform.

-Detailed RF coverage assessment from available Spaces in Tower.


- Massively reductions in OPEX for operators by
  efficiently sharing infrastructures.
- Power up tower Sharing Sales & shorten sales
  cycle for the tower company.
- Engage new Tenants via Insight cloud Platform    RF coverage simulations for available tower spaces and technologies.

Key Features:

- Quality Assurance: Comprehensive up to date  digital assessment of defect classification & quantification utilizing Insite cloud Platform. (more than 20 types of structural defects).
- Effectively empower tower sharing sales and new Tenant Planning via Reality Modeling functionalities.
- Analytics for Strategic business decisions.


- Increase the value of the Assets assuring quality and Risk Mitigation.
- Risk free Asset business transaction.
- Mitigate risks of uncertainties
- Increase assets based business.


Key Features:

-Full Equipment inventory (RRUS , antennas, etc)

-Precise Azimuths , antenna heights and other Rf related  Physical Parameters.

-Reality Modeling - Measure in cm level detail every single space available in your tower expansions.

-Extremely accurate up to date data .


-Speed up rollout time.

-Avoid uncertainties, take informed decisions based on a detailed knowledge of up to date site situation:


-Available spaces



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